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The Pirate's Alley Faulkner Society offers a limited number of scholarhips packages for Louisiana Writers to participate in Words & Music. Selection of scholarship participants is baed on merit. The number of scholarships available each year depends on the amount of underwriting received from private donor in that year. Over the years, the number has ranged from 10 to 150. In 2011 because of limited funding we will be able to offer a maximumof 10 scholarships for Louisiana writers. Winners and runners-up in the William Faulkner - William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition attend the conference on a scholarship basis, regardless of where they reside.

We also have scholarship passes available for Louisiana writers who simply want to attend the discussion events and are not seeking the critique/consultations services. English and Creative writing teachers will be given first preference for such passes, which do not include manuscript criitiques.

For bona fide students with current student ID, 50% discounts are available on the Writers' Tuition Package and certain individual events. (See Pricing and Schedule pages for details.)

With the exception of competition winners' packages, scholarship packages do not include any events with food, wine, entertainment elements. Scholarship participants who wish to attend luncheon, dinner events must purchase tickets.

To apply for a scholarship:

1. Have your work read by a creative writing teacher at a New Orleans college or university or an established, published author. Have the teacher or author write a one-page letter of nomination.
2. Fill out the form below and return it to with copy of nomination letter attached and a hard copy of manuscript critique submission. Prepare submission from guidelines found on the W&M Agent & Editor Faculty page
3. Mail to: Faulkner Society Scholarships, 624 Pirate's Alley, New Orleans, LA 70116. We must have all materials by September 25, 2010.
4. Prepare electronic submission for manuscript critique following guidelines found on web site on the W&M Agent & Editor Faculty page.
5. E-mail submission to Faulkhouse@aol.com with cover letter.
6. Scholarship participants will be notified not later than October 15 if they are awarded a position.


Application Form: Words & Music Scholarship


Complete Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address_____________________________________________Phone___________________________________________________________

Name of School if Applicable__________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nominated by______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Complete Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address_____________________________________________Phone___________________________________________________________

Check one below:

____I wish to have work critiqued by an agent and editor.         ____I wish to have a discussion only pass.

Signature of applicant_______________________________________________________________________________________________________


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