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Precious Little Literary Gems for Writers


Ernest Hemingway on Writing                       12.95

Hemingway, Ernest        Scribner       978-0-684-85429-8  


Aspects of the Novel                              13.00

Forester, E.M.           Harcourt        978-0-15-609180-0


Art of Fiction                                    13.95

Gardner, John            Vintage          978-0-679-73403-1  


Quote Poet Unquote                                18.00

O’Driscoll, Dennis       Copper Canyon   978-1-55659-270-6


Is Life Like This?                                26.95

Dufresne, John           Norton          978-0-393-06541-1


Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing             14.95

Leonard, Elmore          William Morrow  978-0-06-145146-1


Elements of Style                                24.95

Strunk, William, Jr.     Penguin             1-59420-069-6


How Not to Write a Novel                         15.99

Mittlemark, Howard       Harper          978-0-06-135795-4


The Making of a Story                            29.95

LaPlante, Alice          Norton          978-0-393-06164-2


How Fiction Works                                14.00

Wood, James              Picador         978-0-312-42847-1


On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition             16.00

King, Stephen            Scribner        978-1-4391-5681-0


Alphabet Juice                                  25.00

Blount, Roy Jr.          F.S.G.          978-0-374-10369-9


78 Reasons Why Your Novel

May Never be Published                          15.00

Walsh, Pat               Penguin         978-0-14-303565-7


Mentor                                          16.95

Grimes, Tom              Tin House       978-0-9825048-9-5


It Was the Best of Sentences, It…               14.00

Casagrande, June         Ten Speed       978-1-58008-740-7


The Glamour of Grammar                          19.99

Clark, Roy Peter         Little Brown    978-0-316-02791-5


A Little Book of Language                      25.00

Crystal, David           Yale            978-0-300-15533-4


Oxymornica                                      14.99

Grothe, Mardy            Harper          978-0-06-053699-2


The Literary 100                                19.95

Burt, Daniel             Checkmark Book  978-0-8160-6268-3


The Novel 100                                   19.95

Burt,Daniel              Checkmark Book  978-0-8160-7860-8



To make acquisition of these books more affordable, copies are offered to our members and to those registering for Words & Music at a substantial discount when ordered through us. The discount also will be offered for books purchased at our Book Mart during Words & Music.

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