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Juleps in June, 2011

Guests of Honor

New York Times bestselling fiction writer Robert Hicks, left, author of The Widow of the South and A Separate Country, and Debra Shriver, Vice President for Marketing and Community Relations for the Hearst Corporation and author of the luscious new coffee table book Stealing Magnolias: Tales from a New Orleans Courtyard, were our special literary guests of honor. The Hearst Corportion was a major sponsor of Juleps in June, 2011. Noted New Orleans artist Alan Gerson, below, created this year's original painting for auction at Juleps in June. Alan's painting sold after lively bidding to Elizabeth Woolverton. To see a photo of Alan's painting, Click Here!

Party Shots

James & Tia Roddy, left, Honorary Chairs, Juleps in June, 2011, which Was Held at Their Audubon Place Residence. Joseph J. DeSalvo, Jr. and Rosemary James, Co-Founders of the Faulkner Society and 2011 Sponsors of Juleps in June.

  Tables at Juleps in June were decorated with   multi-color summer roses to match the colors
  of table covers in a splashy floral print, left.     David Groome, of Deutsch, Kerrigan & Stiles, a sponsor of Juleps in June, left above, with Committee Members Donna & Les Young.

Susan Couvillon, left, with Juleps sponsors Ron & Anne Simms Pincus, and on right, Gabrielle Cran with her fiance, Alexander Pincus, son of Ron & Anne. Anne is Chairman of the Pirate's Alley Faulkner Society. Silver Julep cups were patron favors and the liquid refreshments in the cups were the tradiitional mint juleps, courtesy of Doringac's and Butch Steadman.

From Left, Judith "Jude" Swenson, a sponsor of Juleps in June, 2011, in summer white; Samuel L. Steele, III, Administrator for the J. J. and Dr. Donald Dooley Fund, a major sponsor of Words & Music, 2011, with Party Co-Chair Jeanie Clinton; and Sandra Wilson, a member of the Party Committee.

Patricia Srachan, left, with Joyce and Steve Wood of Nashville, TN, Sponsors of Juleps, 2011, Larry Eustis, and Ingersoll Jordon.

Artist Alex Beard, who created the Faulkner painting auctioned at Juleps in June, 2010 is shown with his wife Amy Beard and Karin Eustis; and Sandra Groome.

Quinn Peeper, left, and Michael Harold, were 2011 Party Co-Chairs. They left the day after the party for England, where they were married at Blenheim Palace, near Oxford with a large contingent of New Orleanians in attendance. Photo Right: Suzanne Scott of Mobile, AL, is shown with her good friends Yvonne LaFleur and Jimmy Walsh, who hosted the 2010 party.

New York guests of Debra Shriver, young executives of Target and the Kaplow Group,
enjoy the garden.

Below, guest of honor Robert Hicks with Janet Haedick, a Faulkner Society board member
and Steve Haedick. Right, Jonathan and
Catherine Cassibry Walsh

Above from left, Rae Matthews and Earline Torres, guests of Tia and James Roddy, with Kathy Singleton, a member of the 2011 Juleps Committee; and Marta Senac with Philip and Kathy Lorio. Below from left: novelist Julie Smith with journalist Diane Sustendal; City Council Woman Kristin Palmer and Bobby Palmer; and Grahame Menage of Atlanta, GA, a decorative artist and friend of designer Rosemary James of Faulkner House designs.


Above from left, Gay LeBreton, arriving, Margarita Bergen, and Elaine Grundmeyer, and her children, Sarah and Damien Abrusley. Below from left: well known entertainer Gennifer Flowers, and Mary Soniat and Billie Berr, and Chuck Kunts and Jeanette Moran, all guests of Samuel L. Steele, a Juleps sponsor.


      Above from left: Carol Allen, President of the Vieux Carre Property Owners and Associates, escorted by Harold Patin; and Joel Weinstock with author and set designer C. Robert Holloway; and James Farwell, political and defense consultant and author.
From left, Thea Pagel, guest of Tia Roddy, with Sandra and Louis Wilson, Party Committee Members. Louis Wilson was once again the auctioneer for the Faulkner painting. Emergency room physician and writer Dean Pascal is shown with Nan Smith, a member of the Party

 A sumptuous summer buffet was served by Palate New Orleans in Tia and Jimmy Roddy's beautiful red dining room.


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