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Juleps in June, 2011

Juleps in June, 2011 was an enormous success both in terms of fun and funds raised to offset part of the costs for the Faulkner Society's projects for readers and writers. We wish to thank New Orleans artist Alan Gerson for the whimsical painting of Mr. Faulkner, which he donated to the Faulkenr Society for auction at Juleps in June, seen below. The winning bid was by Elizabeth Woolverton, a Mississippi native who bought the painting to honor her mother, a great fan of Mr. Faulkner's work. Below is the party scroll, which we presented to patrons at the event.
We thought those of you who were unable to attend would like to have Mr. Faulkner's recipe for Mint Juleps, found in the scroll. Our 2011 sponsors and other patrons also are listed here in grateful appreciation. Scroll down to see the list. To see photographic memories of this year's event, Click Here!




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