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Others Who Placed:

2011 William Faulkner - Wisdom Competition


Aftermath, Laura Brlodie, Lexington, VA
All Jeweled Chokers, Helen Argers, Newark, NJ
Angels in the House, Marylee MacDonald,  Tempe, AZ
Black Pearl, Arthur Nevis, Steamboat Springs, CO
Blinding Light, John Wallbank, Venice, CA
Cooper’s War, Tim Smith, Paris, France
Don’t Cry Little Monster, Helen Krieger, New Orleans, LA
Flambeau, T. J. Fisher, New Orleans, LA
Habit, Adam Hungerford, Fairfax, VA
How to Make Moonshine, Jana Sasser, Edisto Island, SC
In the Evening, In the Morning, A. J. Harman,  Arlington, VA
Jerusalem as a Second Language, Rochelle Distelheim, Highland Park, IL
Life Between Dreams, Tena Russ,  Riverwoods, IL
Lucy, William Coles,  Salt Lake City, UT
Memories of the Dust, Robert Wood,  Chicago, IL
No, Heather Aimee O'Neill, Brooklyn, NY
Oleanna, Julie K. Rose, San Jose, CA
Playground, Edward Rowley, Glen Ridge, NJ
Practice Dying, Rachel Stolzman Gullo,  Brooklyn, NY
Red Dirt, Joe Samuel Starnes, Philadelphia, PA
Rich, Martha L. Burns, La Luz, NM
Sea Level, Nancy Kilgore, Post Mills, VT
Stained Glass, Diane Manning, Houston, TX
The Edgartown Portraits, Richard Weber, Carouge, Switzerland
The Journal of Eva Hathaway, Maryanne D’Agincourt, Westwood, MA
The Patriot Joe Morton, Devault, Michael, Monroe, LA
The Principles of Mining, Sharon Thatcher & Wayland Stallard
The Resurrection of Jonathan Brady, Robert Raymer,  Sarawak, Malaysia
This is Squalorville, Brian Schneider,  St. Helen, MI
Victor’s Journals, Philip Erickson, St. Paul, MN
Warming Up, Mary Hutchins Reed,  Chicago, IL
Watershed, Laura Lane McNeal, New Orleans, LA
Westminster, Diane Manning, Houston, TX

Alexis Renalta-Manheim’s Semi-permeable, Nearly-perfect Skin, Nicole Walker, Flagstaff, AZ
Backbending Days, Sarah Stark,  Santa Fe, NM
Billie, Cher Bibler, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Birds of Paradise, Sabrina Canfield, New Orleans, LA
Chasing Perfection, Jeremy Banks, Lake Providence, LA
Center of Gravity, Laura Reese, Mobile, AL
Coronado’s Castle, Craig Collins, Santa Rosa,  CA
Fading Illusions, Tom Welsh, Xenia, OH
Faithful, Kaye Park Hinkley, Dothan, AL
Garbo’s Last Stand,  Jon James Miller, Oakland, CA
Grunge, Mary Rowen, Arlington, MA
Hannah Delivered, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, MN
Hannah’s Left Hook, Brian McKeown, Worcester, MA
Heroes and Villains, Thomas Sabino,  Savannah, GA
Jimmy the Ghost, Peter Orr, New Orleans, LA
Kites, Quite Tall, Tad Bartlett of New Orleans, La & J. Ed. Marston,  Chatanooga, TN
Kudzu Rising, Mary Brent Cantarutti, San Rafael, CA
Lords of an Empty Land, Randy Denmon, Monroe, LA
Lost in Montreal, Gay Walley,  New York, NY
Markers, Mary Hutchins Reed,  Chicago, IL
Mend, Jorge Díaz, Atlanta, GA
Monstropocalypse, Mark Spitzer, Conway, AR
Fantasy Rocked Reality, Kiras Janene Holt, Wimberly, TX
Prayers for the Unusual, Jennifer Clement,  New York, NY
Saluting the Sun, Mary Hutchins Reed,  Chicago, IL
Silence the Bird, Silence the Keeper, Christopher David Rosales, Boulder, CO
Sitka Annie, Richard Newell Smith, Jupiter, FL
Still Life With Coyote, Marjorie Davis, Iowa City, IA
Spilled Milk, Krista Wilson,  Kennesaw, GA
Strumming the Banjo Moon, Joyce Keller Walsh,  Lakeville, MA
The Breaking of Things, Emily Cogburn, Baton Rouge, LA
The Dandelion Sutra, Michael Ditchfield, Edgartown, MA
The Dead Boy, Arthur Nevis,  Steamboat Springs, CO
The Girl Behind Glass, Geoff Schutt, Gaithersburg, MD
The Glass Artist, Frank Richardson,  Friendswood, TX
The Governor, Katherine Clark, Pensacola, FL
The Pope’s Assassin, Jack Tittle, New Orleans, LA
The Surgeon's Wife, William Coles, Salt Lake City, UT
The Theater of California, Lawrence Coates, Bowling Green, OH
The War Less Civil, Joseph Lewis Heil, Muskego, WI
Toward Transgression, Beth Herstein, New York, NY
Under the Pomegranate Tree, Aneela Shuja, Kenner, LA


A Cooler Than Hot Place, Lindsey Barrett,  Bellevue, WA
After Elise, Denise Bogard,  St. Louis, MO
After the Fall, Deborah O’Neill Cordes, Issaquah, WA and Cary Morgan Frates,
Redmond, WA
As If Women Mattered,  Virginia DeLuca, Durham, NH
A Useful Life, Rachel Unkefer, Charlottesville, VA
A Year of Seeing, Helen Montague Foster, Richmond, VA
Blood on the Plow, Doug Crandell,  Douglasville, GA
Blue Dryades Street Café, Vicky Salloum, New Orleans, LA
Bullet Points, Bridget Erin, Denham Springs, LA
Buried Loves,  Buried Lives, Mary Culver,  Covington, LA
Child of the Storm, Robert Stewart, New Orleans, LA
Citadelle, Donald Geddes,  Reston, VA
Clearing House, Michael Lee Cannon,  San Francisco, CA
Death Without Benefits, Wendy Simons,  Stevensville, MI
Desert Voices, Kathryn Huber,  Lima, Peru
Double Strand, Julia Franks,  Atlanta, GA
Drive, Tobias Griffin,  Larkspur, CA
Ellie and the King, Anita Nolan, New Hope, PA
Eulogy, James Harmon, Decatur, GA
Fear and Greed, Bruce Porter, Huntington Beach, CA
Flocking, Stephen Greenberg,  Brookville, PA
Fog Machine, Susan Follett, Rosemoutn, MN
Four Days to the Mile, Zachary George, New Orleans
God is Nowhere, Eleanor Binnings, Denver, CO
Graduate Study, Madeline Brown, Shippensberg, PA
Hostile Environments, Isabel Medina, New Orleans, LA
I’ll Be a Stranger to You, Cara Diaconoff, Lynnwood, WA
Incompatible with Life, Thomas Berger, Miami, FL
In Some Antique Book, John Norred,  Indio, CA
In the Hands of the Wolf, Raymond Gustavson,  Sebastian, FL
Jihad, Peter Duhamel,  Brooklyn, NY
Johnson Decree Number 37, Shana Feibel, West Chester, OH
Lasso The Moon, Dick Sheffield,  San Angelo, TX
Lubliner’s Legacy, Diana Shamoon,  Remsenberg, NY
Medicine Boy, Lupe Fernandez, North Hollywood, CA
Medicine Island, Elizabeth Lutyens, Weaverville, NC
Mourners and Other Strangers, Mary Brady,  Briarcliff Manor, NY
Murdered by the State, Joyce Largen,  Charlottesville, VA
Muscovite, Nathan Henderson,  Bastrop, TX
Nate’s Book, Bob Bachner, New York, NY
Natural Destiny, Sherry Dixson, Charleston, SC
Nefarious, Tina Hayes,  Dixon, KY
Notes on Liberty,  Kyle J. Carraer, Clinton, NY
Origin of Chaos
, Benedict Atchley, Franklin, TN
Outside the Line, Denise Bogard, St. Louis, MO
Prospects, Charles Holdefer,  Brussels, Belgium
Sally Irma Knox Lee, Dorothy Shawhan, Cleveland, MS
Scenes from an American Restaurant, Jason Hardy, Baton Rouge, LA
Sea Sonata, Libby Jacobs, Akron, OH
Silent Storm, Ida Lambert,  St.Louis, MO
Starving the Ghosts, Lee Cox, Charleston, SC
Stripped, Elissa Lash,  Vineyard Haven, MA
The Bone Trench, Ellen Morris Prewitt, Memphis, TN
The Expatriate's Choice, Robert Raymer, Sararwa, Malasia
The DQ Rats, Ron Ebest, University City, MO
The Hard Glory, Anne Elliott,  Brooklyn, NY
The Last Pottsville Warrier, David Blum,  Washington, DC
The Lost Codex, Ann Lyndsey, Alachua, FL
The Spectrum Conspiracy, Craig Faris, Rock Hill, SC
The Turnbuckles, LouDischler, Spartanburg, SC
The More They Disappear, Jesse Donaldson,  Houston, TX
This Most Amazing, Jenny Benjamin-Smith, Milwaukee, WI
The Unattended Moment, Marcia Peck, Minnetonka, MN
The Wedding Scam, Ania Savage, Denver, CO
Undertaker’s Horse
, David Anderson, Boerne, TX
Voice of Innocence, Janet Butler,  Huntington, IN
War and Sex, Morty Shallman, Valley Village, CA
What We Sow, Daniella Brodsky,  Narrubundah, Australia
White Velvet, Deborah Firmin,  Ferriday, LA
Wielding the Hammerfish, Geoffrey Adams, New Orleans, LA
Without Sin, David McCabe,  Nuevo, CA
Wizzy-Wig, Kate Amtruda,  Novato, CA


All Smiling, Diana Shahmoon, Remsenberg, NY
Body 571: An Enigma of the Eastland Disaster, Jeanette Hacker, Highland, IN
Charlie The Wonder Cat
, C. Robert Holloway, New Orleans, LA
Cherry Colored Summer, Tina Renee Wiley, Albertville, Al
Glimpses of Gauguin
, Maryanne D'Agincourt, Westwood, MA
Hostage to Fortune, E. M. Schorb, Mooresville, NC
Hot on the Trail: The Adventures of Lowland Jak, Joseph J. Valitchka, Greer, SC
, Arthur Nevis, Steamboat Springs, Co
, Agustín Maes, Berkley, CA
No More Tears
, Tina Hayes, Dixon, KY
Railroad Man
, Nancy Brock, Columbia, SC
State of Mind, James McCallister, Columbia, SC
The Inner Music, Mal King, Santa Paula, CA
The Lives of the Apostates, Eric O. Scott, St. Louis, MO
The Poison Tree, Michael Maschio, New York, NY
The Virginal Grip, Paul Negri, Clifton, NJ
War & Sex, Morty Shallman, Valley Village, CA
Wash and Wear, Bruce Douglas Reeves, Berkeley, CA


A Life Exposed, Beverly Harrison, Redmond, OR
Crippled, Erin McCormack, Bedford, MA
If These Oak Trees Could Talk, Loreen Sumner, Beulaville, NC
, Mara Buck, Windsor, ME
Mother-Daughter Week, Xavier McCaffrey, Chicago, IL
Not Enemies But Friends, Adam Tonkovich, Silverado, CA
Purple Church, Starner Jones, MD, Memphis, TN
Sylvia, Thomas Zurich/Nick Krait, Chicago, IL
The Bed You Made, Q. Lindsey Barrett, Bellvue, WA
The Quality of Light, Pam Lazos, Lancaster, PA
Wild Dogs, John O'Guinn, Springfield, OR


A Luscious Illumination, Unity Barry, San Francisco, CA
American Vigilante, Owen Goodwyne, Tallahassee, FL
A Prisoner of Peace, David Kelleher, McComb, MS
Big Chicken, Kim Bradley, St. Augustine, FL
By Reason of Sorrow
, Kimberly Swise, Chicago, IL
Cherry Bomb, Susan Cushman, Memphis, TN
Ciao, Baby, Leigh Stevenson, Columbia, SC
City of Holy Faith, Joe Dwyer, Sacramento, CA
Dawn in the Evening, Jennifer Levasseur, Albert Park, Victoria, Australia
Delta Babies, Natasha Peterson, Vienna, VA
Elegy for the Lost City, Johnny Goldstein, St. Louis, MO
Family Matters, Perry Glasser, Haverhill, MA
Fantasy Rocked Reality, Kira Janene Holt, Wimberly, TX
Flasher, Susan Levi Wallach, Columbia, SC
Fish Out of Water, Casey Lefante, New Orleans, LA
Hampton Roads,Tom Honea, Fairview, NC
, David Armand, Hammond, LA
Hitchhiking in the Graveyard, Brian Kingheloe, Brooklyn, NY
Just Kate, Ellen T. McKnight, Riverwoods, IL
Kat Vespucci and the Renegade Province, Ingrid Anders, Washington, DC
Keeping Hope, Renee Brown, Lexington, NC
Life During the Plague Years, Missy Wilkinson, New Orleans, LA
Lulu, Adrienne Celt, Tempe, AZ
Magician's Eyes, Constance Adler, New Orleans, LA
Moonflower and the Moth, Jana Sasser, Edisto Island, SC
Motion of Souls, James Claffey, Santa Barbara, CA
Nine Lives, Cheryl M. Schleuss, Covington, LA
Quantrill's Raiders, Deborah Morgan, Cheyenne, WY
Set, Chrys Darkwater, New Orleans, LA
The Cane Press, Nancy Brock, Columbia, SC
The Dark Sheperd, Jeremy Banks, Lake Providence, LA
The Emperor's Will, Marc Royston, Palm Springs, CA
The Girl in the Bathtub, Robert Raymer, Sarawak, Malaysia
The Grim King, Christian Livermore, Cold Spring, NY
The Keystone Guardian, Rachel Wilson, New Orleans, LA
The Kingdom, Jennifer Moffett, Ocean Springs, MS
The Beholder, James Knight, Cocoa Beach, FL
The Virgin Falcon, Candi Sary, Costa Mesa, CA
To The Place Where They Go, Sabrina Canfield, New Orleans, LA
Unforgettable, Claire Applewhite, St. Louis, MO
Vespers, Bay St. Louis, MS
Welcome to My Lucky Life, Geoff Schutt, Gaithersburg, MD


Bedside, Melissa Crytzer Fry, Mammoth, AZ
Belize, A Love Story, Rodney Nelsestuen, Woodbury, MN
Blind Summit
, Matthew G. Crow, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK
Blood Mountain, Arlene Sanders
Buy Light and Purple Blooms, Laine Cunningham, Hillsborough, NC
Cane Burning Season, Ashley Berthelot, Baton Rouge, LA
Caroline Wainwright
, Sally Alexander, Crownsville, MD
Cedar of Lebanon, Anthony Otten, Erlanger, KY
Clouded, Amanda Moon, Franklin, TN
Confluence of Rivers, Thom Honea, Fairview, NC
Cookies for Daniel, Kathryn Lois Howell, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada & Seoul, Korea
Counterpoint, Barbara Froman,Wilmette, IL
Dangerous to Self and Others, Robert Ripley, Seattle, WA
Desert Humidity, Susan Kirby-Smith, Baton Rouge, LA
Devour, Pavarti Devi, Chevelry, MD
Edgar and Lucy, Victor Lodato, Tucson, AZ
Fish, Luck & Love: A Season on the Rubicon, Maria Finn, Sauslito, CA
Gumbo, Paisley Style, Keri Rachal, New Orelans, LA
Heaven's Ponds, Laura Libricz, Lonnerstadt, Germany
Hyde's Corner, James B. Bergstad, Aiken, SC
III Juno, William Michael Gregory, Colleyville, TX
Infidelis, C. H. Hoffman, Madison Heights, MI
Itiapa, Kari Terhark, Santa Clara, CA
Letters from Purgatory, Karen Hunt, Woodland Hills, CA
Liquid, Angela Campbell, Gaithersburg, MD
Love in the Time of Cul de Sacs, David Parker, Jr., New Orleans, LA
Maintaining Appearances, Dawn-Michelle Baude, Cornwall on Hudson, NY
Mending Horses, M. P. Barker, East Longmeadow, MA
Mrs. Kenny, Marilyn Brownstein, Coupeville, WA
Prodigals, Danielle DuBois, Houston, TX
Rendezvous, Kitty Hughes, Oakland, CA
Retail, Emily Beck Cogburn & Jon Cogburn, Baton Rouge, LA
Return to the X, Gint Aras, Oak Park, IL
Sausalito Pancakes, Mill Valley Jam, Andrew Clarke, Milwaukee, W
Savage Woman, Savage Justice, Beryl Zerwer,Chicago, IL
Shadow on the Wall, Pavarti Devi, Chevelry, MD
Sirrocco, Danielle Dahl, Seneca, SC
Stain of the Plantain,Rafael Nazario, Tamarama, Australia
Suffertown, Stella Morrow, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
Sukulaiset: The Kindred, Mark Munger,
Tequila Got Me Pregnant, Jess Magemann, Chatham, IL
The Bitsuis and Their Tragicomedy in Bolero, Kim Henderson, Idyllwild, CA
The Black Song Inside, Carlyle Clark, Lake Beach, IL
The Blue Stone, Traci D. Dolan, St. Albans, WV
The Color That is God, Kimberly Elkins, Cambridge, MA
The Grinding Season, Trisha Hukins, LaRose, LA
The Rape of St. Tommy, James Doane, Sayville, NY
The Sacred Cradle, Deborah Cordes, Issaquah, WA
The Scenario, Yvonne Ellingson, Mill Valley, CA
These Broken Wings, Kathryn M. Huber, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Til Mama Wakes, Karen B. Gibbs, Lacombe, LA
Under The Almond Trees, Linda Ulleseit, San Jose, CA
Underwhelmed, Paula Yoo, Los Angeles, CA
Unfinished Business, Cathy Marchesi, Itasca, IL
Unlawfully Present, Franklin Kury, Harrisburg, PA
When Things Were Green, Sion Dayson, Paris, France

Short Story

A Calm and Sure Retreat, Nancy Dafoe, Homer, NY
, Simon Russell, Elwood, Victoria, Australia
A Place to Sleep
, Mike Hinman, Covington, LA
A Damn Sight, Matthew Pitt, Gulfport, MS
A Skeleton in the Closet
, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Before You Hurt Yourself, Adam Sturtevant, Brooklyn, NY
Boy, George Harrar, Wayland, MA
Cigar Box, Kay Exley Gunkel, Savannah, GA
Eagle Beach, Jim Fairhall, Chicago, IL
Damn Ride, Kira Janene Holt, Wimberly, TX
Gaza Journal, Timothy Smith, Paris, France
Giraffes, Frances Pearce, Mount Pleasant, SC
I'm Not Maria Lopez, Aneela Shuja, Kenner, LA
Island of the Stubborn, Julia Carey, New Orleans, LA
Jesse, Ashley Christopher Leach, Virginia Beach, VA
Last Looks, Julianna Shortell, Rockfall, CT
Learning the Flute in La Paz, Jaqueline Guidry, Kansas City, MO
Legacy of the Ring, Mary Edelson, Lexington, SC
Lola's Story, Melodee Walker, Chicago, IL
Neighbors, Rodney A. Nelsestuen, Woodbury, MN
Okay, So You Talk, Helen Krieger, New Orleans, LA
Perfect Conditions, Vanessa Blakeslee, Maitland, FL
Pink, Anne Eliott, Brooklyn, NY
Pura Vida
, Joseph W. Allen, Shrewsbury, MA
Race Relay
, Wendi Berman, Los Angeles, CA
Silly Boy,
Michael Caleb Tasker, Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia
Speak Russian to Me, Nikita Nelin, Brooklyn, NY
Spring Storms, Teddy Jones, Friona, TX
The Carnival Woman, Tom McHaney, Decatur, GA
The Elephants of Chad, Jim Fairhall, Chicago, IL
The Girl in the Glass Cube, Erin McCormack, Bedford, MA
The Job, Neil Kroetsch, Cowansville, Quebec,Canada
The Only Story That Matters, L. Edwin Greer, New York, NY
The Priest, Charles Swenson, San Anselmo, CA
The Red Dress, Arlene Sanders, Flint Hill, VA
The Trouble Started When the Albino Died, Janet Slike, Dublin, OH
Unhappy Women I Have Loved, Paul Takeuchi, Brooklyn, NY
Wade's Technique, Maryann D'Agincourt, Westwood, MA

Ache, Elizabeth Lilly, New Orleans, LA
A Damn Sight, Matthew Pitt, Gulfport, MS
A Jealous God, Michael Caleb Tasker, Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia
Anchovy Eaters, Kim Mott, McCall, ID
And That's Not All, by a Long Shot, Robin Martin, Brooklyn, NY
Bear's Corner, Becky Browder, Jacksonville, AL
Benito's Death, Yvonne Ellingson, Mill Valley, CA
Benny the Kid, Bill Wellborn, Lawrenceville, GA
Big Gene, William Coles, Salt Lake City, UT
Buy One, Get One, Jennifer Nunes, New Orleans, LA
Change of Heart, Obert Fittje, Tallahassee, FL
Charmeuse, Mara Buck, Windsor, ME
Curl Up and Burn, Samuel Snoek-Brown, Dike, TX
Danger City, C. A. Fichtelman, St. Louis, MO
Keep Our Country, Aids Free, Caleb Powell, Seattle, WA
Fixer-Upper, Jenny Lentz Brosseau, Baton Rouge, LA
Lee and the Poison Lobster, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Life at a Simmer, Mal King, Santa Paula, CA
Louise McGhee, Simeon Marsalis, New Rochelle, NY
Maker's Mark, Fedora Amis, Chesterfield, MO
Mess, Peter Orr, New Orleans, LA
Mummy Mantra, Aneela Shuja, Kenner, LA
No Accidental Fall, J. Ed. L. Marston, Chattanooga, TN
Ochun, Julia Carey, New Orleans, LA
OH, Mary Hutchings Reed, Chicago, IL
Reflections, Michelle Devon, League City, TX
Rembrandt's Shadow, Janet Lee Berg, East Moriches, NY
Resistance Level 9, Mike Russell, Kentfield, CA
Rocco, the Original, Joe Bryak, San Pablo, CA
Ruby and the Pink Slipper, Cheryl F. Rogers, Covington, LA
Sailing in Last Light, Bruce Wexler, Elmhurst, IL
Small Town, Sataurday Night, Arlene Sanders, Flint Hill, VA
Surprises, Jaqueline Guidry, Kansas City, MO
The Bath, Danielle Dahl, Seneca, SC
The Black Velour Dress, Rebecca Mitchell-Dhillon, New York, NY
The Broken Sword, Michael Fourcheux, Buffalo, TX
The Day Louis Armstrong Died, Johnny Goldstein, St. Louis, MO
The Death of Carrie Bradshaw, Patricia Grace King, Chicago, IL
The Easter Vigilantes, Michael Langley, Chicago, IL
The Game, Mark Havlik, Huntersville, NC
The Golden Flute, William Coles, Salt Lake City, UT
The Miracle of Madame Villard, William Coles, Salt Lake City, UT
The Night I Prayed to Elvis, James D. McCallister, Columbia, SC
The Non-Artists, Tad Bartlett, Metairie, LA
The Porter, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
The Relic Expert, Denise Ganley, Mesa, AZ
The Thirteens, Richard Weber, Carouge, Switzerland



A Hole in My Soul, Regina Y. Leverrier, MD, Grand Junction, CO
Barack Obama Made a Liar Out of Me
, Nefertiti Austin, Beverly Hills, CA
Cool, Clean, Clear Water, Mary Kuykendall-Weber, Middle Grove, NY
Cuban Cultural Exchange, Ken Mask, Lafayette, LA
Sweet Revenge, Kristi Porter, Muskegon, MI
Fishing With My Father, Geoff Schutt, Gaithersburg, MD
Invisible, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Larry, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Of Love and Monkeys, Heather Corrigan, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Of Straw-Haired Girls and Stilled Angels, Steve Wise, Columbia, MO
Parsing the Maze, Patrick Bryant, Irmo, SC
Roadworthy Folk, Neil Kroetsch, Cowansville, Quebec, Canada
Short Railings and Long Island Iced Teas, Caren Gallimore, Christianburg, VA
Spring Sparks Sure Shot, Sabrina Canfield, New Orleans, LA
Stronger, Mary Bradshaw, Flowood, MS
Telling Time, Nancy Brandwein, New York, NY
The Babysitter, Hayley Kriscer, Glen Ridge, NJ
The Grasshopper Versus the Elephant, Franklin Cox, Atlanta, GA
The Renaissance of Literary Fiction: Join the Revolution, William Coles, Salt Lake City, UT
The Venetian, Kat Varn, Charleston, SC
Weight Chases Me, Kira Janene Holt, Wimberley, TX
Why I Still Travel to the Wild, Ann Sigmon, Lafayette, CA

Bleeding Heart, Deborah Burst, Mandeville, LA
Boy Crazy, Regina Leverrier, MD, Grand Junction, CO
Holding On to the Right Side Up, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Just Like Dad, Regina Leverrier, MD, Grand Junction, CO
Low Hanging Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, Kari Terhark, Santa Clara, CA
My Love Affair with the Chef Menteur Highway, Patricia Saik, Bay St. Louis, MS
No, That's Not Love
, Katie Burke, San Francisco, CA
Poison from the Cistern, Rodney Nelsestuen, Woodbury, MN
She Could Have Danced All Night, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Should We Ever Consider?, Vicki Siska, Fort Collins, CO



Ambition, Michael Townsend, Burlington, VT
, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
, James Thurston Davis, Chicago, IL
Beneath the Weeping Cherry, Amy Trussell, Santa Rosa, CA
Childhood, Faith Kelleher, Ocean Springs, MS
Citizen Kane, Chris Lambert, Caral Fulton, OH
Dead Man Talking, Helen Argers, Newark, NJ
Genesis, Matthew Draughter, New Orleans, LA
Hibiscus Moon, Margaret J. Edwards, Charleston, SC
I Am The Monster, Eric Mitchell Brown, Austin, TX
I like to watch the sea meet the sand, Andrew Gregory Krzak, New Lenox, IL
Joining Calvino’s Baron in the Trees, Nancy Dafoe, Homer, NY
Madame Bovary's Other Daughter, Susan Terris, San Francisco, CA
Meredith, Vicki Siska, Fort Collins, CO
Nada, Colwell Snell, Salt Lake City, UT
Ode to a Sun Day Super, Paige Valente, New Orleans, LA
Our Glass, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Rummage, Patrick Bryant, Irmo, SC
Shape Shifter, Peggy Hall, Miami, FL

Still Life With Lemon, James P. Bourey, Dover, DE
Stunned, Stella Morrow, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
The Captive Queen, Reem Hisham Hijjawi, Long Beach, CA
The Deep End, Claire Dixon, Baton Rouge, LA
The Golden Fowl & The Missing String, Liv Evensen, Oslo, Norway
The Siren and the Bachelor of Arts, Harley Barks, Slidell, LA
View from the Cliff, Larkin Edwin Greer, New York, NY


Angels & Demons, Jordan Wilson Sanders, LaRose, LA
A Game Between Kings, Kyle Wilcox, Upland, Ca
A Poem in a Ditch, Joe Bryak, San Pablo, CA
Champs Elysses, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Depression, Kristi Porter,
Good for the Perfect, David Cooke, Lake Oswego, OR
Heaven I, Barbara J. Williams, West Union, SC
Java Junkie, Sue Dunlap, Sausalito, CA
My Country‘Tis of Me, Junie Rabin, Pembroke Pines, FL
My Tribal Journey, Margared J. Edwards, Charleston, SC
Nursing Home, Jordan Wilson Sanders, LaRose, LA
Only Daughter, Jenn Marie Nunes, New Orleans, LA
Remembering Spring, Junie Rabin, Pembroke Pines, FL
Sickle in the Night, Tyler Lirette, Boutte, LA
Tears in the Eyes, Larkin Edwin Greer, New York, NY
The Daffodil’s Scream, Helen Acheris,  Newark, NJ
The Life of Rocks, David Cravens,  Farmington, MA
The Rock and the Rose, Stewart Harris, Nashville, TN
Vinegar, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Wash Day Observations, James P. Bourey, Dover, DE
Withdrawal, N. Colwell Snell, Salt Lake City, UT

Short Story by a High School Student


100% Apple Juice, Maria Alvarado, Idyllwild, CA
A House Gets Shingles, Kevin Wright, New Orleans, LA
Breakout, Alexandra Brady, Greenwood, IN
Echoes of Moonbeam Beach, Andrea Davidson, Leawood, KS
Fourteen, Sarah Reiner, New Orleans, LA
Free at Last, Yasmin Rafiq, Midlothian, VA

Friday Night Noir, Brian Geiger, Brielle, NJ
Jill, Helena Blanco, New Orleans, LA
Johnny Gone, Camilla Cannon, New Orleans, LA
Limbo, Whitney Aviles-Low, Idyllwild, CA
My Father’s Voice, Amber Morrell, Chino Hills, CA
Paper Chains, Leigh Vila, New Orleans, LA
Pensioner Eaten by Rescued Strays, Isaac Dwyer, Idyllwild, CA
Penny Tree, Sophia Derbes, New Orleans, LA

Pretty Face, Samantha Perlstein, Springfield, VA
Reflection, Joshua Call, New Orleans, LA
The Ash Sisters, Samantha Perlstein, Springfield, VA
The Eyes & Heart, ? no form or contact sheet
The Law of Objectivism, Analise Torucson, New Orleans, LA
The Night Owls, Kristen Johnson, New Orleans, LA


A Summer Vacation Spent in Florida, Alexandra Samples, New Orleans, LA
Blinds, Abigail McFee, Idyllwild, CA
Closer, Tyler Despenza, New Orleans, LA
Cracked Leather, Taylor Johnson, Idyllwild, CA
Detroit Decays, Vegas in Flux, Austin “Boston”Okopny, Las Vegas, NV
First Day Admitted, Amy Lovas, New Orleans, LA
, Sarah Reiner, New Orleans, LA
Her Pearly Whites
, Rebecca Cox, Idyllwild, CA
Knocking, Scarlett McCarthy, Idyllwild, CA
Magnetism and Manipulation, Rachel Carmardelle,  New Orleans, LA
Miss Missouri, Becky Joy Hirsch, Idyllwild, CA
Swing, Austin Starr King, Canyon Country, CA
The Night Owls, Kristin Johnson, New Orleans, LA
The Son of Springtime, Brent Thibodeau, New Orleans, LA
The Tongue of the River, Shauna Moore, New Orleans, LA
Untitled, Cassidy McLaughlin, New Orleans, LA

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