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2007 Faulkner-Wisdom Competition


Novel: Judged by Michael Malone

WINNER: Chokepoint Nine by Brent Benoit of Baton Rouge, LA
Fortnight by A. G. Harmon of Arlington, VA
Water Music by Marcia Peck of Minnetonaka, MN

Dancing on Glass by Pamela Binnings Ewen of Mandeville, LA
Marrero Action by Hal Clark of Marrero, LA
Ninth Ward by Peter Orr of New Orleans, LA
Semper Fee by Frank Porter of Cambridge, MA
The Sign for Drowning by Rachel Stolzman, Brooklyn, NY

Because Quicksand Is What It Is, Nicole Walker, Grand Rapids, MI
Being Good About It, Aimee Loiselle, St. Paul, MN
Betrayal Betrayed, Tom Welsh, Xenia, OH
Cheerio, Idiot, Rob Jacklosky, Bronx, NY
Cartilage and Skin, Michael James Rizza, Columbia, SC
Dead Forgotten Actresses, Geoff Schutt, Pittsburgh, PA
Dead Girls Don't Lie, Linda Watanabe McFerrin, Oakland, CA
Finding Grace, Candi Sary, Costa Mesa, CA
Fire Exhausted, Mary McMyne, Jersey City, NJ
Flannelmouth, Jeff Brawn, St. Louis, MO
From Mirror After Mirror, Sean Cahill, Cincinnati, OH
He Drinks Poison, Laine Cunningham, Hillsborough, NC
Julio's Ghost, Rebecca Berg, Denver, CO
Instant Transplants of the Heart, Carlos Cunha, Hartford, CT
Listening for Life, Matthew Pitt, Biloxi, MS
My Father Was a Horny Bastard, Paul Takeuchi, Brooklyn, NY
One for the Ark, Mary Hutchings Reed, Chicago, IL
Night and Day, Claire Applewhite, St. Louis, MO
Path of the Butterfly, Krista Wilson, Marietta, GA
Sweat, Mark Gilleo, Arlington, VA
Taboo, William Coles, Chapel Hill, NC
The Disappearances of Harrison, Caleb Powell, Seattle, WA
The Girl in the Land's End Catalogue, Dale Edmonds, New Orleans, LA
The Krakow Messenger, Andrew A. Kozelka, Hiroshima, Japan
The Looks Thief, Elizabeth Harris, Austin, TX
The Nightwalker's Song, Dawn Ruth, New Orleans, LA
The Random Fraudulent Nature of Genes, Charles Elliott, Lafayette, LA
The Trion Syndrome, Tom Glenn, Ellicott City, MD
The Widow's Tears, Laura Brodie, Lexington, VA
This is What I Know, Christine Falcone, Novato, CA
Tommy of the Planet Earth, Glen Wood, Chattanooga, TN
Ursula, Frank Vick, Altglen, PA

A Dangerous Man, Jarrett Neal, Oak Park, IL
Anyone See Jane Austen Around?, Helen Archaris, Newark, NJ
After the Orange Glow, Mark Spitzer, Conway, AR
A Terrorist in the House, Helen Ann Morris, San Francisco, CA
A Unified Theory of Love, Jessica Weintraub, Knoxville, TN
Blessed Are, Darlin' Neal, Greenwood, MS
Brio, Mary L. Randall, Chestertown, PA
Cardcastle, Oscar Patton, Douglas, GA
Charon's Manifest, Dennis S. Goldin, Edgartown, MA
Clear Water, Markus Klaei, Couer d'Alelene, ID
Devil's Island, Robert Reech, Slidell, LA
Diary of a Pig, Charles Holdefer, Poitiers, France
Ghost Latitudes, Rosemary McGuire, Cordova, AK
Gold to Refine, Jane Paul, Campbell, CA
Grand Isle, Sarah Van Arsdale, New York, NY
Haints, Baker Lawley, Minneapolis, MN
Higher Laws, Lawrence Deker, Jr. Columbus, OH
Lawless Elements, Greg Bascom, Miami, FL and Costa Rica
Letters Home: 18, Vietnam, and Drafted, Murdic H. Jones, Bonneau, SC
Looking for Lenny, Heather Newton, Asheville, NC
Mayonnaise Sandwiches, Regena Dossett, Foley, AL
Mitchum, Billy F. Mitchell, Birmingham, AL
Mother's Revenge, Jeffrey Tuller, Homestead, FL
Occitania, Paul Byall, Savannah, GA
Peninsula, R. C. Shivers, Jr., Summerville, SC
Remembering the Juice Mango, Neena Kahlon, Fort Worth, TX
Resurgius, E. M. Schorb, Mooresville, NC
Saffron Dreams, Shaila, Abdullah, Austin, TX
Seasons, Sharon Kurtzman, Raleigh, NC
Secret of the Nightingale, Edwin Greer, New York, NY
Serenity Jones, Stephen Thomas Roberts, Lagrangeville, NY
Smoke and Solace, Julie Morin, Tucson, AZ
The Glass Cocoon, Caroline Misner, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
The Angels of Haphaza, George Bishop, Jr., Andhra Pradesh, India
The Glass Cocoon, Caroline Misner, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
The Green Season, Joseph Baumhover, Central City, IA
The Long Thirst, C. A. Willis, Seattle, WA
The Midnight Son, Julie K. Rose, Santa Clara, CA
The Myth of Beautiful Girls, Catherine Dupree, Beverly Hills, CA
The Perfection of a Leaf, Henry Grevemberg, Hermosa Beach, CA
The Queen of Sheba: Unveiled, Jeannine Falcon, Magnolia, MS
Visible Signs, Grace Marcus
This is What I Know, Christine Falcone, Novato, CA
UNIDAD, David Nilsen, Sacramento, CA
Violent Ann, Micah Perks, Santa Cruz, CA
When You Loved Me, Emily Meier, St. Paul, MN

Novella: Judged by Michael Murphy

WINNER: Concord, Virginia by Peter Neofotis of Buena Vista, VA
The Beautiful Ships by Emily Meier, St. Paul, MN
An Unkindness of Ravens by Hillary Plum of Ithaca, NY
Lorna by Scott Yarbrough, Mt. Pleasant, SC

A Lesser Day, Andrea Scrima, Berlin, Germany
All Possible Claims, Robin Beeman, Occidental, CA
A Summer Child, Ann Gray Brown, Tallahassee, FL
Girl With Her Throat Cut, Brian Ray, Columbia, SC
Quiet Desperation, Rodney A. Nelsestuen, Woodbury, MN
Something Borrowed, Jennifer Vacchiano, Arvada, Co
That Funny Thing You Said When the Sun Went Out , Rande Daykin, Beverly, MA
The Best Dress in New Orleans, Cindy Lou Levee, Baton Rouge, LA
The Breathtaking Christa, Peter Orr, New Orleans
The Dreams of Gabriel LeNoir, Abe A. de la Houssaye, New York, NY
The House Enters the Street, Gretchen E. Henderson, Columbia, MO
The Luckiest Schmuck on Earth, Xavier McCaffrey, Chicago, IL
The Photograph, Kelly Mitchell, Moscow, ID
The Pink Chimney, Garry Craig Powell, Conway, AR
The Pocket Watch, Mollie Crisp, Pasadena, MD
The Seclusion Zone, Michael S. A. Graziano, Princeton, NJ
To Find God By Driving, Marilyn Moriarty, Roanoke, VA
What Once Was An Island, Emily Lupita, Plum, Ames, IA

Cherry's Last Trick, Hunter Robert Austin, Crockett, CA
Diggers in the Lichyard, Brian Bahr, Rochester, MN
Drover, Neal Abbott, Las Vegas, NM
Going Solo, Robert Gately, Bethlehem, PA
Lesson for this Summer, Sarah Van Arsdale, New York, NY
Nautilus, Bruce Douglas Reeves, Berkeley, CA
Of Rhythm and Sleep, Amy Harrold, Burzet, France
Peach Seed Monkey, Anita Jones, Novata, CA
Poetry & Sex, Tom Tolnay, Delhi, NY
Simon's Relics, Julie Rose, Santa Clara, CA
The Full Truth of My Story, Deborah Firmin, Ferriday, LA
The Love Song of a Monkey, Michael A. Graziano, Princeton, NY
Three Rivers Under the Stars, Deborah Firmin, Ferriday, LA
Twists of Fate, Gerald DuPlesys, Algonquin, IL
Without Sin, David S. McCabe, Nuevo, CA

Novel-in-Progress: Judged by Janette Turner Hospital

WINNER: The Lost Books by Mary McMyne of Jersey City, NJ
FIRST RUNNER-UP: Chicks With Sticks by Shari Jean Stauch of Summerville, SC
SECOND RUNNER-UP: Strange Attractors by Susan Daniels of Durham CT

Note: the judge, Janette Turner Hospital, asked for a special category of recognition among the following finalists:
Wecome to My Lucky Life, Geoff Schutt, Pittsburgh, PA
The Doctor's Women, Jacob Appel, New York, NY
Jewls of Lake Kivu, Naomi Benaron, Tucson, AZ
Ms. Turner also singled out two mystery stories among the finalists for her compliments:
Roses for Juliet, Valerie Gaumont, Baton Rouge, LA
My Brother's Keeper, Becky Bostian, Chapel Hill, NC

All This Closeness, Mary Louise Nix, Mandeville, LA
And Soon There Will Be None, Jody Jenkins, Tierra Verde, FL
Echoes of Love and War, Joyce Miller, Cincinnati, OH
Flux, Dominika Spetzmann, Maynard, MA
Goodfriend, Frederick C. Mead, New Orleans, LA
Jesus Jones: King of the Negars, Yvonne A. Jackson, Birmingham, AL
Lead Soul, Mary Eileen Cronin, Ph.D., Arlington, VA
Marx, Texas, David Martin Anderson, Boerne, TX
Nazi in the Living Room, Rob Jacklosky, Bronx, NY
Raised on Cornbread, Serena Ann Baugh Vinci, Guntersville, AL
The Missing Links, Penelope Dane, Baton Rouge, LA
The Silence of our Mothers, Chielo Eze, Chicago, IL
Women Don't Know Jack, Jennifer Vezer, Gainesville, FL

Adopting Adults, Randy Susan Meyers, Boston, MA
A Fictional Life by C. A. Willis, Seattle, WA
All Irreconcilable Things, Andrea Malin, Los Angeles, CA ,
Boundary Water, Christopher Siciliano, Columbia, SC
Cartagena Girl, Iris Gomez, Milton, MA
Degas in New Orleans, Rosary Hartel O'Neill, New York, NY
Divining Crows, Candace Allan, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Drover, Neal Abbott, Las Vegas, NM
Honey's Havens, Barbara Donnelly Lane, Portishead, United Kingdom
Hurricane Tom, Pat Kogos, St. Louis, MO
Into La Bufadora, Rob Magnuson Smith, Los Angeles,
Kyle Lane: The Rise and Fall of a CEO, Ania Savage, Denver, CO
Leaving Home, Andrea Scrima, Berlin, Germany
Love Thy Neighor, Mark Gilleo, Arlington,VA
Noah's Raven, Laura Neely, Ellisville, MS
Place of Clear Water, Joe Dwyer, Missoula, MT
Someone Else's War, Patricia Grace King, Chicago, IL
Survivors Write the History, Donovan Day, Sacramento, CA
The Book of Rivers and Cities, Marilyn Moriarity, Roanoke, VA
The Changeling, Erica Obey, Bronx, NY
The Jelly Maker
The Pygmy, Skip Horack, San Francisco, CA
The Somebody Who, Sheila Koster, Glendale, CA
The Unattended Moment, Marcia Peck, Minnetonka, MN

Short Story: Judged by John Biguenet

WINNER: The Lost Books Something Rotten by Martha L. Burns of Essex Fells, NJ

Malaysian Games by Robert Raymer, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
The Final Simcha by Maureen Sherbondy, Raleigh, NC
Wyoming is not a Gerund by Twister Marquiss, San Marcos, TX

Apollo & Phythagoras, Christina J. Hauser, Brooklyn, NY
End of his Rope, Ben Sandmel, New Orleans, LA
Facing Grace with Gloria, William Coles, Chapel Hill, NC
From Adam, Jonathan Liebson, New York, NY
Love Bugs, Dawn Ruth, New Orleans, LA
Noticed, Tracey Lion-Cachet, New York, New York
Our Florida Vacation, N. M. Kelby, Sarasota, FL
Sanctuary, Joan Corwin, Evanston, IL
Spring, Joyce Miller, Cincinnati, OH
The End of Reason, David Dalley, New York, NY
The Flight, Iain S. Baird, New Orleans, LA
The Pilgrim in the Park, Carlos Cunha, Hartford, CT
Three at the Corner Pocket, Seth Satterlee, Metairie, LA
Wanted: Rebel Song, Matthew Pitt, Biloxi, MS

A First Made Man, Michael Campagnoli,
Allegations Sustained by the Evidence, Martha L. Burns, Essex Falls, NJ
Bad Attitude, Bruce Wexler, Elmhurst, IL
Dear God@aol.com, Helen Argers, Newark, NJ
Dream of Ixchel, Geneve Bacon, Asheville, NC
Faulkner's Laverne, Helen Archeris, Newark, NJ
Illegal Aliens: America's Trojan Horses, Mal King
In a Minor Key, Maryann D'Agincourt, Westwood, MA
Murdering Edna, C. Stuart Wright, Ruffin, NC
No Words, Eileen Cronin, Arlington, VA
Rainbow Bear, Sharon Kurtzman, Raleigh, NC
Reaching the End, Maureen A. Sherbondy, Raleigh, NC
Sand Dunes, Girija Tropp, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Spider Love, Laura Brodie, Lexington, VA
The Necessity of Maintenance and Repair, Fred Setterberg, Santa Clara, CA
The Saint of Children, Kate Betterton, Chapel hill, NC
Walking, Matt Heinle,
Yersinia pestis, Susan Daniels, Durham, CT

Essay: Judged by Rodger Kamenetz

WINNER: The Crooked Track by Jane Satterfield, Baltimore, MD
FIRST RUNNER-UP: Choking-Hazard-Small-Parts by Joyce Miller of Cincinnati, OH
SECOND RUNNER-UP: Suicide Note: First Draft by Martha Makeig Davis, Houston, TX
HONORABLE MENTION: I Am ( )African American ( ) Caucasian ( ) Hispanic (X) Moorish American
One of three linked essays presented as one, also including UnashamedäMy Sexual History and The Only Choice I Had.
These essays are by Morel Bey, Burbank,CA

Blue Danube Moment, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Discovering French, Ellen Ann Fentress, Jackson, MS
Dispassion, Gary Wallace, Powell, WY
Eighteen Paragraphs: An Essay of Death and Imagination, Caleb Powell, Seattle, WA
Freedomland, Ned Balbo of Baltimore, MD
Misplaced Hope, Jennifer Veser, Gainesville, FL
Not Equal Yet, Phillip Wagner, Ballston Spa, NY
Secrets, Karel Sloane, Metairie, LA
She Was a Woman Who, Bonnie West, St. Paul, MN
Strange Wishes, Stranger Realities, Bill Roussarie, Marietta, GA
The Endangered Book, Bruce Wexler, Elmhurst, IL
The Judgement of Cats, Marilyn Moriarty, Roanoke, VA
The State of the State of the Union, Irene Mosvold, Louisville, KY
What I Know, Mindy Greenstein, New York, NY
Whistleblower, Beverly Blasingame, Iowa City, IA

Bunny Angst, Kate Dunn, New York, NY
Five Pounds of Potatoes, Ellis Anderson, Bay St. Louis, MS
Global WarmingâNot So Cool, Christina Fifield, Lindenhurst, NY
Hurricane Recovery, Ellen Ann Fentress, Jackson, MS
Larry, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Looking for Some Action, Jane Satterfield, Baltimore, MD
Margin of Error, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Odyssey of Pain, Gary Wallace, Powell, WY
Redemption for the Guilty Husband Hunter, Naomi Albers, Kansas City, MO
The Last Time I Heard Barry, David Donovan, Pacific Grove, CA
Valentine House, Dominika Spetsmann, Maynard, MA
Where is Sarty Snopes Now?, Kojo Marfo, Trenton, NJ

Poetry: Judged by Nicole Cooley

WINNER: Her Mexico Blurs Emily Lupita Plum, Ames, IA

FIRST RUNNER-UP: Tasseling Susan Terris, San Francisco, CA
SECOND RUNNER-UP: Family Album Ruth Thompson, Colden, NY

Ageless Evening, Carlos Cunha, Hartford, CT
Alchemy, Russ Tyler, Santa Monica, CA
Bibliophile, Jarrett Neal, Oak Park, IL
Incubator, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Internal Crescendo, Stefanie Pickett,Birmingham, AL
Orchid's Voice, Dawn Miller, Millington, MD
Our Year of Deficit Spending, Stephen Thomas Roberts, Lagrangeville, NY
Praying at Coffee Shops in the South, Maureen Sherbondy, Raleigh, NC
Price of Admission, Katie Bowler, Harahan, LA
Rate of Exchange, Bobbie Dykema Katsanis
Stick Pilot, Antoinette Constable, Oakland, CA
The Yankee Clipper, Ned Balbo, Baltimore, MD
The Collector, Junie Rabin, Pembroke Pines, FL
Tree Tresses, Bonnie Kavoussi, San Antonio, TX
Wayfarer, Edwin Greer, New York, NY
Well Done, Miss Simone, Cliff Chandler, Macon, GA

Blossoming Fare, Regena Dawsett, Foley, AL
Chartula Acalanthis, Jared Brunk, Ronne, MO
In Hell - Down for a Visit, Sharon T. DiLorenzo, Clifton Park, NY
Lesbian Potential, Penelope Dane, Baton Rouge, LA
Monkey Shines, Lynn Veach Sadler, Sanford, NC
On His Ninetieth Birthday, Junie Rabin, Pembroke Pines, FL
Peck of Dirt, Sharon T. DiLorenzo, Clifton Park, NY
Poison Apple, Kelley A. Swan, Londonderry, NH
Potter's Field, Lyla Hay Owen, New Orleans, LA
Questions (?s), Kiki Denis, New York, NY
Romeo's Valentine, Ryan M. Bays, Valparaiso, IN
The Apostle, Stephen Thomas Roberts, Lagrangeville, NY
The Disappearing Mother, Jacqueline Summers, Narberth, PA
This Poem is About Autumn, Michael C. Berecz, Arlington, VA
Urban Planning, Junie Rabin, Pembroke Pines, FL
Walking Down Bourbon, Kevin Toy, Boonville, IN
War Through Another's Eyes, Laurabeth Parent, Egshampton, MA

High School Short Story: Judged by Julie Smith

Networking by Lindsey Maxon, Lamar High School, Arlington, TX, Sponosor: Pamela T. Hansen

Lactose Intolerant by Jeni Macdougald, New Orlean Center for Creative Arts, Sponsor: Anne Gisleson
In the Arms of the Sea by Lindsey Maxon, Lamar High School, Arlington, TX, Sponsor: Pamela T. Hansen
Fall by Benjamin Long, Lusher Charter School, New Orleans, LA, Sponsor: Brad Richard

A Day at the Zoo, Jade Cooley, Lusher Charter School, New Orleans, LA, Sponsor: Brad Richard
Framed and Dried, Avery Friend, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Sponsor: Anne Gisleson
Indians in France, Aaron Friedman, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Sponsor: Anne Gisleson
Life for the Aged, Barbara Fenig, The Calhoun School, New York, NY: Sponsor: Barbara Sjogren
Lost & Found Jonas Griffin, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Sponsor: Anne Gisleson
The Death of Marilyn Monroe, Jacob Wright, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Las Vegas, NV, Sponsor: Ed Skoog
The Makings of a Muse, Ariana Heintzen, Trevor Day School, Pelham, NY, Sponsor: Keith Meatto
The War Effort, Sarah Shachat, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Sponsor: Anne Gisleson
Two Lives, Lindsey Maxon, Arlington, TX, Lamar High School, Sponsor: Pamela T. Hansen
Venus, Samaneh Khoshini, Lusher Charter School, New Orleans, LA, Sponsor: Brad Richard

Ali and Zara, Amina Sheikh, The Head-Royce School, Oakland, CA
Another Dead Rose, Elizabeth Waring, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts
A Return Journey, Alan Wraye, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, New Orleans, LA
August in January, Anne Kelner, The Anchor School for Girls, Pacific Palisades, CA
Freaks, Inc., Lindsey Maxon, Lamar High School, Arlington, TX
Glass Door, Katherine Trainer, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts
Haunt Fest, Linsey Maxon, Lamar High School, Arlington, TX
Interruptions, Carey Powers, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, CA
Mountain Shadows, Drew Keneally, Manhasset High School, Manhasset, NY
One Pack of Cigarettes, Paris Hughes, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts
Out of the Rain, Lindsey Maxon, Lamar High School, Arlington, TX
Playing God, Lindsey Maxon, Lamar High School, Arlington, TX
Pollen, Andrew Shachut, New Orlean Center for Creative Arts
Revision, Daniel, Hoppes, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts
The Sir Interview: What Happened When the Tape Stopped Rolling, Monique Thomas, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, New Orleans, LA
Way of the Ninja, Lindsey Maxon, Lamar High School, Arlington, TX

Mystery novelist Julie Smith, winner of the prestigious Edgar Award for her work, judged the 2007 high school short story category of the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition. At the Society's annual Master Class for High School Writing Students and Teachers, she outlined the secrets of a winning manuscript. The winner of this year's gold medal, Lindsey Maxon of Arlington, TX, was not present because of conflicts with important tests. She was presented by Ms. Smith at Faulkner for All on Saturday, November 18. At the Master Class, Ms. Smith presented two runners-up, Benjamin Long of Lusher, whose sponsoring teacher is Brad Richard, and Jeni Macdougald, New Orlean Center for Creative Arts, whose sponsoring teacher is Anne Gisleson. Ben and Jeni read their winning manuscripts, Fall and Lactose Intolerant. Ms. Smith said, after judging this year's competition, that she was struck by the incredible display of imagination in the manuscripts she read.

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